Now available: guidelines for professional practices in heritage language education

November 7, 2021

HLE Network has worked with a group of organizations in 2021 in Canada, Iceland, Ireland, and the United States to focus on what heritage language (HL) programs worldwide have in common and to define universal principles and good practices that will help guide HL programs. The result is the document International Guidelines for Professional Practices in Community-Based Heritage Language Schools (2021).

This document will be presented at the first annual FOHLC Europe 2021 conference during a free workshop for HL program managers, by two of the document's authors.

​These guidelines have been designed to inspire HL programs. They are applicable across geographical and cultural contexts. They can be followed by those involved in HL program operation and instruction, including: managers, principals, coordinators, administrators, administrative assistants, librarians, school boards, policy makers, teachers, tutors, teaching aides/assistants, volunteers, parents, and interns.