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Create teaching materials in over 40 languages with Wordwall

January 15, 2023


At our FOHLC Europe 2022 conference we collected tips from the attendees via a digital padlet. You can view the padlet here (be sure to zoom in!). Through a series of posts, we will explore some of the tips shared via the 2022 conference padlet.

Interactive teaching materials

Wordwall is an online platform where teachers can create interactive activities for online or face-to-face classrooms. Teachers can choose from templates such as multiple-choice quiz, matching pairs, anagram, unjumble, gameshow quiz, and cloze questions. Teachers share the assignment link with students, who can do the task in class or at home. There is also an option to create print-out worksheets.

Wordwall can help teachers save time by generating language activities. Digital activities also helps save paper. When learning is made enjoyable by turning it into a game, children could stay engaged and learn well. The students in heritage language classrooms can vary greatly in their language skills, so it is good to know that Wordwall allows students to do exercises at their own pace. Each student can move on as soon as they finish a question, and the possibility to go back and to the exercise again is possible if they want to try to do better or to review the lesson. Teachers are able to review how long it took each student to complete an exercise and how many answers they got correct. Score distribution charts are created to give an overview of how the class did.

A free version of Wordwall is available, with limitations. The teaching tool is available in 43 languages:

This is not an endorsement of Wordwall, and Wordwall is not a sponsor of HLE Network. This is only a description of a tip that was shared at our conference.

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