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Meet the human rights expert who will enhance our team!

January 8, 2024

Welcome, Amanda!

We are excited to introduce to you Amanda, the most recent volunteer to join our team at HLE Network. Amanda is a human rights advocate, freshly graduated from an Erasmus Mundus Master Program in International Law of Global Security, Peace and Development (2023, Glasgow).

"I really miss volunteering. I used to be involved in humanitarian projects in Brazil and am happy to commit time to issues I am passionate about."

Global expertise applied to a local cause

Amanda, from Curitiba, Brazil, has a Bachelor of Laws from the Federal University of Paraná, Brazil (2018, Curitiba) and is specialized in human rights and international law. She has lived and studied in seven countries and plans to apply her global experience to contribute to the local community here in Eindhoven, where she now resides.

"I see heritage language education as an intersection between human rights, culture, and education," Amanda says, "which is the type of issue I have practical experience with." As our "project specialist" Amanda will use her expertise to lead outreach activities for HLE Network that we are sure will have lasting impact for the multilingual children -- and their educators -- in this region.

Municipal support

The activities Amanda helps with will be primarily funded by a Gemeente Eindhoven Inclusief Samenleven subsidy that has been awarded to HLE Network for 2024. The subsidy scheme aims to foster a more inclusive society.

Many thanks to Amanda for her commitment and added value to our organization!


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