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Understanding Bilingual Children

Webinar for parents and caregivers

Guest speaker: Dr. Franck Scola

Thursday, June 3, 2021

20:00 Eindhoven time

Ticket: 12.50 Euro donation

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Why a fundraising event?

The event is being organized to raise money for the start-up costs of a foundation/stichting based on the current work of Heritage Language Schools Eindhoven.

Learn more about why we plan to start a foundation/stichting.


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The webinar Understanding Bilingual Children is scheduled for 20:00 - 21:30 (Eindhoven time zone) on Thursday, June 3, 2021, with guest speaker Dr. Franck Scola. Registration will remain open until 19:00, an hour before the start of the event on June 3.


We are kindly asking for a donation of 12.50 Euro per ticket to the webinar. Should you wish to donate more than this amount, you are more than welcome!

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Guest Speaker:
Dr. Franck Scola


A doctor dedicated to expatriate families, Franck Scola is engaged in three activities: care, teaching-research, and training. His work is based on his clinical experience with the families of multilingual children and children educated abroad, focusing on their linguistic, cognitive, emotional, and identity development. Dr. Scola is particularly interested in these children's atypical linguistic behaviors, their developmental rhythm, and their strengths, as well as their difficulties with learning, their school life, and their identity construction.

Lecturer at the University of the Mediterranean and at the University of Paris-Dauphine, he works as an expert with UNESCO, the London Academy of Diplomacy, French National Education, and the Agency for Teaching French Abroad. Dr. Scola is also the author of training courses for psychologists and speech therapists, with a particular focus on issues such as dyslexia and stuttering in a bilingual context. His publications are aimed at training professionals as well as at the popularization of bilingual education for families.

Read more about his qualifications, his organization Be-Rise, and his book, which is available in French as well as other languages.

During the webinar, Dr. Scola will discuss different types of multilingualism and he will deconstruct some preconceived ideas about it. He will discuss several notions about becoming bilingual during childhood that have to do with cognitive, academic, medical, speech, and identity development.

Dr. Scola sees that multilingual children can be misdiagnosed. What is a real speech impairment and what should parents not worry about?


The talk is aimed at the parents of multilingual children, but others who are interested in the topic of multilingual development in children could be interested as well.

People who register for the event will be able to submit a question to the organizers in advance, and some of these will be handled in a question and answer session with Dr. Scola after his talk.


This online event is being organized to raise funds to start a charitable non-profit organization based on the activities of Heritage Language Schools Eindhoven. Donations will be made officially to the organization Stichting Francofilous (the French heritage language program for primary students in Eindhoven), which is part of the HLSE network and which is co-organizing the event. The webinar will be additionally facilitated by l’Entente des Associations Francophones aux Pays-Bas, an umbrella association of twenty associations in the Netherlands that promote the French language and culture. Both Francofilous and Entente are non-profit organizations, but without ANBI status.

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