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5th Annual HLE Networking Night

Networking Event for Brainport’s Heritage Language Education Professionals and Local Partners


Thursday, September 21, 2023


19:15 - 21:45




mixed - English and Dutch





Heritage Language Education (HLE) Network is an ANBI stichting founded in 2021 (active since 2018) to bring heritage language programs together. HLE Network's activities contribute to the UN Global Sustainability Goals of ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education, making cities inclusive, and promoting the inclusion of / fighting against the discrimination of children who speak a non-majority language at home.

An annual networking event in Eindhoven/Brainport is part of HLE Network’s broader approach to supporting HL programs, which includes activities such as maintaining a public directory of HL programs, running a European-level conference, issuing surveys, organizing local workshops, and facilitating the expansion and promotion of the International Children's Book Collection at Eindhoven Library, including an annual multilingual storytelling series.


Supporting HLE Network with this event are Brainport Development and Holland Expat Center South. Brainport aims to equip all students in the region with language skills, intercultural skills, and a sense of world citizenship. Holland Expat Center South conducts a “Living In” program that envisions an Eindhoven region where international hires can feel at home with their entire family.

Co-sponsors of this event are:


LAPPA Books International


Eindhoven Library

Uitgeverij SWP

Event description

5th Annual HLE Networking Night

Heritage language professionals and their local partners in the Eindhoven/Brainport region are invited to kick off the 2023-2024 school year together at an inspiring networking event, organized by Heritage Language Education (HLE) Network, Brainport Development, and Holland Expat Center South. The 5th Annual HLE Networking Night will take place on Thursday, September 21, 2023, and is by invitation only.


As a special guest there will be Alderman Samir Toub (GroenLinks), whose focus for Eindhoven is on diversity, youth, and social support. To ensure that the evening is memorable, there will be a lively quiz game with prizes. It will be a mixed-language event involving English and Dutch.



Every engaged language community is a shining star. Working together, shining stars form constellations that light the universe. That's the power of connecting with each other!


History of the event

Since 2019, HLE Network has organized an event each September to connect HL program leaders and to show appreciation for their important contribution to the education and enrichment of multilingual children. This year, local partners are invited so they can be thanked for their continued support of HL education and so they can get to know the people behind it. The networking event also honors the European Day of Languages, which is celebrated in Europe each year at the end of September to celebrate and promote Europe’s rich linguistic diversity.


Who is invited

HL program managers and teachers have been invited, as well as various stakeholders in the community, such as collaborating mainstream schools, libraries, municipal offices, and universities.


There will be a special guest from the city government as well as a fun and informative networking activity.

19:15 Reception/Ontvangst

19:30 Welcome words from HLE Network board member Dr. Anne van Buul

19:35 Words from Alderman Samir Toub

19:45 Announcements by HLE Network Managing Director Gisi Cannizzaro

20:00 - 21:15 A lively and informative quiz by "Number 42"

21:20 Winners announced, closing words, followed by a chance for networking until 21:45

21:45 end


Community, Networking, Eindhoven

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