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Motivating heritage language learners with digital storytelling projects

May 23, 2023

Are you a heritage language teacher looking for an effective way to motivate and teach your students? Particularly older heritage language learners might have the feeling that their link to the home culture is artificial or that their lessons have no connection with real world issues.

The Center for Language, Culture and Learning, at Goldsmiths, University of London, has been running a project since 2012 called "Critical Connections." The idea is that young people (both from primary and secondary education) are able to create and share multilingual stories using digital technology -- often to address real world issues, such as the environment.

Project-Based Learning is an approach to language learning, literacy development, and citizenship that allows the students to be creative and see the purpose in what they are doing. The digital storytelling project touches on other areas such as drama, music, and visual arts.

Critical Connections Teacher's Handbook
Download PDF • 7.71MB

Read Jim Anderson's post about the Critical Connections project on the new FOHLC Europe blog for more information and for examples of videos that students worldwide have created as part of this initiative.


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