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First networking event a success

June 15, 2019

The community of heritage language educators in Eindhoven came together for the first time on June 15, 2019. Over 60 attendees (from 17 heritage language schools and 6 other organizations) took part in the chance to network and discuss possibilities for future collaboration. The event was hosted by the SALTO International School and Eindhoven Italian School La Lampadina.

  • A presentation was given by Gisi Cannizzaro, with details about which heritage language programs there are in Eindhoven and how they can possibly work towards common goals.

  • A talk was given by Gulsah van Dijk from Stichting Drio, who explained the history of Turkish lessons in Eindhoven for children with Turkish heritage.

  • A panel discussion was held with members of the Russian, French, and Bulgarian schools, led by the head of the Polish school, Ania Kijak. They discussed common issues they face and what they have learned after many years of running successful heritage language programs.

  • The following languages were represented at the event: Italian, Polish, French, Turkish, German, Bulgarian, Korean, Spanish, Indian languages, Chinese, Hungarian, Russian, Romanian, and Finnish.


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