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Language Diversity in Amsterdam: Growing up in a multilingual family

February 29, 2020

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Language Diversity in Amsterdam Growing up in a multilingual family

OBA Oosterdok: Oosterdokskade 143 1011DL Amsterdam

29 February 2020

Presentations and Discussion: 15.00 - 17.30

Networking and drinks: 17.30 - 18.30

The International Mother Language Day on 21 February 2020 is the inspiration for Centrum Lokomotywa to organise an event to encourage the use of parental native languages and to discuss multilingual upbringing and education.


  • Multilingual families

  • Policy makers

  • Professionals working in a multilingual environment

  • Teachers with multilingual classes

  • Teachers in language schools

  • Anybody facing the challenge of bringing up multilingual children


Karijn Helsloot - More languages in education: a responsibility of school and society (Linguist, Stichting Taal naar Keuze, Studio Taalwetenschap, auteur van SJOES) Marinella Orioni - Multilingual upbringing- information and tips for parents (Author & specialist in multilingualism and interculturality) Anna de Graaf - Multilingual practices at home and at school (Linguist, Coordinator Bilingualism Matters@NL, Laurinde Koster - Multilingual teaching material for migrant students in Europe (Rutu foundation, Avior Project, Risbo) Event host: Fadoua Alaoui Panel discussion with the participation of Polish Centre for Education and Culture Lokomotywa and VoorleesExpress Amsterdam.


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