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Holland Expat Center South helps spread the word about HL education

July 11, 2022

Many thanks to Holland Expat Center South for putting information about our network in three of their free publications! Thanks to our partnership with the Expat Center, newcomers to Eindhoven are well-informed about the availability of heritage language education in our region.

Each of the three publications is described below, with a link to the digital versions. Feel free to share with newcomers in your networks.

The Expat's Guide to Brabant is the number one resource of information for internationals who are settling into Brabant! Pick up a free copy at the Expat Center or view it online via this link. The guide is updated in January and July of each year.

Page 112:


LivingIn: the Brainport Eindhoven Region Guide is a supplement to The Expat's Guide to Brabant. It offers in depth information on Culture & Leisure, Education & Career, Jobs, Social Groups & Religion, and Health, for internationals who are living in the Brainport Region. Read The Living In Guide: Brainport Eindhoven Region Summer/Autumn 2022 Edition online.

Pages 128 - 129:


This brochure offers an overview of the education system in the Netherlands. Read the Education Brochure online via this link.

Page 3:


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