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9 Myths about Heritage Language Education

December 9, 2022

HLE Network now offers outreach services. We provide presentations and workshops that challenge misconceptions about heritage language education.

Common misconceptions

Heritage language education is widespread, yet it is largely unknown and misunderstood. HLE Network reached out to our partners to ask them "What are the most common misconceptions about HL education that you encounter?"

We collected more than 40 misconceptions from partners around the world. Here are a few examples:

People think that parents who transmit their HL will jeopardize their child`s academic success.

People think that HL programs are "just" another free-time activity for kids (like soccer, for instance). This overlooks the strong cultural aspect and identity with the language and the community.

People think that HL programs (for Hindi) do not have any academic benefits.

Snazzy new infographic

We took all of the responses and boiled them down to 9 myths. From this we designed an infographic that debunks the most common misconceptions surrounding this form of education.

Have a look! (There is a Dutch version of this infographic further down.)

We believe that this infographic will be a useful tool in helping people better understand heritage language education.

HLE Network - 9 Myths infographic - English - 2022-09-26
Download PDF • 113KB

Outreach Services

HLE Network now provides presentations and workshops to organizations as part of our public outreach efforts. By improving people’s attitudes about heritage language education, we fight against discrimination and promote inclusion. We want people to realize that having a positive attitude about linguistic diversity can help heritage language programs succeed!

HLE Network is able to give presentations or workshops that debunk the 9 myths, or that deal with other topics.



Moedertaalonderwijs is wijdverspreid, maar toch is het grotendeels onbekend en verkeerd begrepen. Laat ons de meest voorkomende misvattingen over deze vorm van onderwijs ontkrachten. U zult deze presentatie niet alleen verlaten met een beter begrip van moedertaalonderwijs, maar ook met het besef dat uw eigen positieve houding moedertaalprogramma's kan helpen slagen.

HLE Network - 9 Myths infographic - Dutch - 2022-09-26
Download PDF • 114KB

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