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Teenagers not reading in the home language? Try BookTok!

November 21, 2022


At our FOHLC Europe 2022 conference with the theme "Multilingual Children and Multilingual Libraries: Cultivating Reading Habits in the Heritage Language," we collected tips from the attendees via a digital padlet. You can view the padlet here (be sure to zoom in!). Through a series of posts, we will explore some of the tips shared via the 2022 conference padlet.


This time: BookTok. Booksellers in the Netherlands are seeing more and more young people these past months, a development they believe has to do with the success of BookTok. BookTok is an interest area on social media where young people share book tips with one another. This is a very welcome development in the face of declining reading skills by Dutch students.

Young people motivate each other to read, without interference from parents or teachers.

Could BookTok help your teenager read more, in the school language and the home language? We hope so!

Read more details in the articles by Radboud University and ABC Bookstore:

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