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Monthly lessons for Japanese "kleuters" started in Brabant

April 14, 2023

There has been a wonderful development for Japanese-speaking "kleuters"(children aged 4 to 6) living in or near Eindhoven. Five children of this age from Eindhoven and Tilburg met on Friday, April 14, for an hour-long Japanese language class in a classroom at Basisschool “de Driestam” in Eindhoven.

The three volunteers who organized the class focused on having fun in Japanese. They offered multiple activities, including storytelling, singing, crafts, and games with numbers and colors.

The aim of the class is to give the children a place outside of the home where they can speak Japanese, to stimulate vocabulary growth, and to support them in their identity development as multilingual children. It is also a preparation for any children who will go on to attend the Japanese Saturday schools of Rotterdam, Tilburg, or Maastricht.

The class for Japanese "kleuters" will continue to meet every second Friday of the month (excluding vacation periods). If you are interested in knowing more about the Japanese class, you can contact the organizers at

Many congratulations and thanks to these volunteers and families for their dedication, which is crucial to make lessons like this possible! Thanks also to "de Driestam" for supporting this important form of supplementary education.

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