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Turkish language community celebrates its book collection in Eindhoven Library

December 2, 2023

Stichting Drio, led by Gulsah van Dijk, organized a rich program to celebrate the Turkish section of the International Children's Book Collection at Eindhoven Library's Witte Dame.

During the opening ceremony, there were words spoken by Gulsah, Albert Kivits, the Director of the Eindhoven Library, Ahmet Almis, a council member from Eindhoven, and Diana Angelova, chair of HLE Network. Following this there were Turkish children's songs, Turkish storytelling, crafts, as well as a lecture for parents about multilingual children with Mehmet Uz. There was also a spontaneous translator present, to make sure the program was accessible to all.

Many congratulations to Stichting Drio, Gulsah, and her team for a truly impressive event!


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