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Let's Klets with HLSE [now "HLE Network"]

May 23, 2021

Our team is getting the word out to the public about the valuable work being done by the leaders and teachers at heritage language programs. Kletsheads is a podcast by Dr. Sharon Unsworth about multilingual children for parents, teachers, and speech therapists. There are now two Kletsheads episodes with segments about HLSE [now "HLE Network"]: one in Dutch and one in English! Each interview is about 10 minutes long, as the "Let's Klets" segment. Check them out!

PODCAST INTERVIEW IN DUTCH Tussentaalinvloed [Seizoen 2, Aflevering 8] Let's Klets segment about HLSE begins at 19 minutes and 26 seconds Released May 22, 2021

PODCAST INTERVIEW IN ENGLISH Bilingual siblings [Season 1, Episode 6] Let's Klets about HLSE begins at 21 minutes and 30 seconds Released March 19, 2021


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