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Eindhoven Library celebrates the International Children's Book Collection

May 21, 2022

On Saturday, May 21, the Eindhoven Library celebrated the International Children’s Book Collection. There was cake, a ribbon-cutting, a wonderful multilingual book reading, and a visit from the mayor. Congratulations to the participating language groups! Finally, now that the pandemic restrictions have been lifted, we were able to officially open the collection. What a proud day for the participating language groups, for HLE Network, for the library, and for the multilingual children of Eindhoven. The library already had English books since 2018, thanks to The Reading Pier. Through the network of language groups that HLE Network had built up, more languages were added. First Italian and Chinese collections, then French, Romanian, Bulgarian, Persian, Ukrainian, and Polish. Next to be added are Indian, Korean, Spanish, and Turkish books. For an overview of the participating language groups, visit

The celebration started with a word of welcome from Albert Kivits, Director of the Eindhoven Library, followed by a word from Gisi Cannizzaro, Managing Director of HLE Network, and Andrea Wewer, head of the library’s youth collection. Mayor Jorritsma kicked off the opening ceremony. Representatives of the different language communities each read a page in their own language from the book ukkePuck by Bianca Mastenbroek. After the book reading, the children in attendance officially opened the International Children’s Book Collection by cutting a ribbon. After a chance for some coffee and cake, Mad Science closed the event at 15:00 with a spectacular performance.

Congratulations to the participating language groups:

  • Eindhoven Italian School “La Lampadina”

  • Eindhoven Chinese School HanTang

  • French language school in Eindhoven “Francofilous”

  • Romanian School in Eindhoven

  • Bulgarian book club “Lezen is Leuk”

  • PARVAZ cultural group and Eindhoven Persian School

  • Polish School Eindhoven

  • Ukrainians in Eindhoven

The language groups now preparing their collections:

  • The Indian Center in Netherlands, who will provide books in 8 different Indian languages

  • The Korean School of Eindhoven

  • De Carousel, which is a Spanish language program offered by the CLO Latin American organization (El Centro Latinoamericano de Orientación)

  • Stichting Drio, which will provide Turkish books


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