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Including multilingual children in Brainport's new social agenda

May 9, 2023

On May 9, more than fifty civic organizations met for the first time to discuss a new "social agenda" for the Brainport region at Summa College in Eindhoven. Among the organizations represented was HLE Network, making sure that equal opportunity for multilingual children is not forgotten.

Brainport voor elkaar

The Eindhoven/Brainport region is booming. There is concern that despite the region's growth, not everyone will benefit. There is a new initiative called "Brainport voor elkaar" that aims to make sure that everyone participates in society, regardless of where they come from or their level of education. The idea is for civic organizations to join forces with governments, business, and educational institutions.

An historic day

With the meeting on May 9, a start was made toward realizing a social Brainport agenda in addition to the economic agenda. Four themes were defined within "Brainport voor elkaar": Basic skills (such as low literacy, digital skills), Social security (money worries, untapped potential), Society in Brainport (how do you get everyone to participate?) and Positive health (happiness at work, vitality).

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