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9 Myths infographic can now be shared in Tamil

June 27, 2023

Thanks to the British Tamil Examination Board, HLE Network's "9 Myths about Heritage Language Education" infographic is now available in Tamil. There is an estimated 65 million speakers of Tamil, and it is an official language in India, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. It is written in a beautiful, syllabic script.

British Tamil Examination Board

The British Tamil Examination Board (BTEB) is an examination body for the Tamil Language in many Western countries where the Tamil language is studied as a second Language. The BTEB offers examinations at every level, and they encourage and motivate students to continue their studies to gain recognized qualifications in language skills. The curriculum supports and publishes guide books to learners to gain GCSE and GCE(AL) qualifications offered by the Cambridge Examination board.

Thank you to the BTEB for their translation and thank you to the HHCL Advisory Group for helping to facilitate this collaboration. The HHCL and the Rustam Persian School also helped arrange the recent translation of the infographic into Persian.


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