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Our network recognized as "regional best practice"

June 18, 2024

HLE Network -- an initiative that promotes collaboration among heritage language educators -- is proud to have been named in a new report as a "regional best practice" of education on the Brainport region.

How to support multilingual children

In the 2023-2024 school year, HLE Network was invited to participate in research conducted by Utrecht University on behalf of Stichting Speciaal Onderwijs en Expertisecentra (SSOE) and Brainport Development. The researchers looked at the possible underlying factors of the high intake in special education (SO) of children with a non-Dutch speaking background in the Brainport region. The researchers were also asked to consider how the regular primary education (PO) in the Brainport region can be organized so that multilingual children get the right support.

Research results

In the report Bouwen aan grenzeloos goed onderwijs in de Brainportregio (in Dutch), you can find the full research results. It is over 150 pages, but for a quick glimpse of the main findings, read the Conclusion and Recommendations starting on page 110 and take a look at the model on page 83.

Inspirational examples

Many organizations were named in the report as engaged in excellent practices. HLE Network is proud to have been identified in the report as a regional best practice (see page 105/106)! Check out our profile on page 148, which sketches the types of activities we organize to promote heritage language education. We hope it serves as a useful example for other regions of the Netherlands.

Many thanks to Utrecht University, SSOE and Brainport Development for this recognition of our work!


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