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Proudly recognized for network activities in Eindhoven's Inclusivity Program

May 5, 2024

We are happy to announce that HLE Network has been officially recognized in the "Uitvoeringsprogramma Inclusief Samenleven" of the gemeente Eindhoven. This inclusion shows that the city shares our vision for a more inclusive community for multilingual children.

With this plan, Eindhoven shows dedication to creating an environment where every resident feels welcome, valued, and at home, regardless of background, belief, or identity. The recently established "Uitvoeringsprogramma Inclusief Samenleven" outlines six key development lines aimed at promoting inclusivity and combating discrimination.

HLE Network is proud to contribute to Actielijn 3 (Expertise Sharing) and Actielijn 6 (Network Activities), helping to spread knowledge about linguistic diversity, and strengthening networks of active language communities across the city. We appreciate that the city recognizes our ongoing efforts and this motivates us to continue our work towards making Eindhoven a city where multilingual children can develop their home language well.

Many thanks to the Inclusief Samenleven policy team and the Inclusief Samenleven coalition members for their ongoing support!

For more details on the "Uitvoeringsprogramma Inclusief Samenleven" and our role within it, please visit the gemeente Eindhoven’s website.


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