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Eindhoven's network on display in DRONGO expert panel

February 29, 2024

Panel discussion on February 29, in Lelystad, at Drongo partner event

"Een HLE Network in Amsterdam en omgeving zou echt wel een waardevolle toevoeging zijn voor alle meertalige gezinnen en kinderen"

- Coördinator internationalisering op basisschool in Amsterdam

"An HLE Network in Amsterdam and the surrounding area would really be a valuable addition for all multilingual families and children."

- Coordinator of internationalization at elementary school in Amsterdam

We are grateful to have been invited to contribute to the panel discussion organized by the Drongo platform for multilingualism on February 29. Drongo organizes a partner meeting for partners and close stakeholders twice a year. The latest partner meeting was organized to honor International Mother Language Day (UNESCO, Feb. 21) and Global Language Advocacy Day (Global Coalition for Language Rights, Feb. 22). The venue was provided by host IVIO World School.

Theme: mother tongue education

Drongo selected the theme "Mother tongue education." On the panel was Linde van den Bosch from the Dutch Education Foundation Abroad (Stichting NOB), Gisi Cannizzaro from HLE Network, Marieke Postma from LOWAN (support education for newcomers), and Hans Hardeman from Kindercampus Zuidas in Amsterdam. Ideas were shared about how more collaboration between organizations is desirable, to fully support multilingual children living in the Netherlands and abroad.

Eindhoven as a good example

Our takeaway from the event is that a coalition that brings together mother tongue educators is something that other cities would love to have as well! Many compliments were given to the work being done by HLE Network and other organizations in Eindhoven to raise awareness about the needs of multilingual children. We are glad that the work we are doing together with our affiliated language programs is seen as inspirational. Well done to all!

Many thanks to the organizers of Drongo, the other panel members, and to the host of the IVIO Worldschool. We look forward to seeing you at partner events in the future!

Brochure Equity and Multilingualism Language Rights

Check out Drongo's brochure (in Dutch) about equity and language rights

February 29, Lelystad, Drongo partner event


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