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Inclusive society on display: picture gallery from multilingual storytelling series in Eindhoven

February 3, 2024

Between January 24 and February 3, “De Nationale Voorleesdagen” was celebrated across the Netherlands, to stimulate reading to children aged 0 to 6. Central to this is the Dutch “picture book of the year” Help! Een verrassing! by Miriam Bos.

In Eindhoven, a collaboration between different language groups and the library allowed for a fantastic display of inclusion and diversity! Pictures are now available from the 10-day multilingual event series that took place at Eindhoven Library's central location! See full event description and schedule

Thank you to all of the participating language groups for making this possible, as well as the families who attended, the Eindhoven Library, and Eindhoven municipality. We extend a special thank you to volunteer Chikako who helped organize the event.

See coverage of this event in the news

Dutch News (English)

EY Daily (Dutch)

Licht op Eindhoven (Dutch)

Eindhovense Dagblad (Dutch)

Participating organizations

  • Eindhoven Chinese School "Han Tang"

  • The Reading Pier (English)

  • Japanese Book Club Eindhoven

  • Bulgarian Hub Eindhoven: Bulgarian Book Club 'Lezen is leuk'

  • Ukrainians in Eindhoven

  • POLH Semente (Portuguese)

  • Deutsche Schule Eindhoven - Deutsch Niederländischer Verein Eindhoven

  • de Carousel - El Centro Latinoamericano de Orientación (CLO) (Spanish)

  • Romanian School "Școala Românească" Eindhoven

  • Polish School Eindhoven

  • French School "Les Francofilous"

  • Eindhoven Italian School "La Lampadina"

  • Eindhoven Persian School

  • Eindhoveni Magyar Ovi-Suli (Hungarian)

  • Stichting Drio/ Drio Eğitim Vakfı (Turkish)

  • Korean School Eindhoven

  • Heritage Language Education Network

  • Eindhoven Library

Book reading in Chinese

Book reading in English

Book reading in Japanese

Book reading in Bulgarian

Book reading in Portuguese

Book reading in Spanish

Book reading in French

Book reading in Turkish (reading in Tongelre and at Witte Dame)

Book reading in Korean


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