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DELA supports HL programs through generous printing services

May 8, 2024

Hans from the printing department of DELA

Priceless printing

We extend a big thank you to DELA for their generous offer to provide complimentary printing services for language groups in the Eindhoven area dedicated to teaching multilingual children. Not only is this useful for the language groups, but it shows DELA's commitment to the well-being of the broader community where it operates.

Collecting copies

Through every step of the collaboration, DELA showed marked positivity! During the 22nd edition of "Brainport voor elkaar" dinner in November 2023, DELA Human Resources Director Roos Fleuren learned from Gisi Cannizzaro, Managing Director of HLE Network, that access to free printing services would help alleviate the financial burden associated with language groups' promotional and teaching materials. Roos promptly offered access to DELA's in-house print shop.

Six language groups made use of the offer, submitting digital documents for collection by HLE Network's team. Location Manager Elles Giesberts went above and beyond to ensure quick printing and personal delivery. In total, 3500 prints were donated! These included promotional flyers and educational worksheets.

A company that cares

Our experience collaborating with DELA was nothing but positive. Beyond showing a willingness to share resources, Roos and Elles showed a genuine interest in understanding the vision and mission of HLE Network, recognizing that everyone benefits when language and culture education is successful. They took time to look over our information leaflets, ask questions, and learn about the heritage language programs that operate in the region. This gesture was sincerely appreciated, the opportunity to raise awareness and to be heard.

Many thanks to Roos, Elles, Hans, DELA, the organizers of the Samen voor Eindhoven dinner that helped make this match, and to the language groups who participated in the offer!

The language groups had flyers and worksheets printed

If you would like to make a donation to HLE Network, contact us or donate easily via our page.


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