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Eindhoven Airport supports HL education with generous donation

January 21, 2024

A shiny used laptop!

We extend a big thank you to Eindhoven Airport, which made a generous in-kind donation to HLE Network in the form of a pre-owned HP EliteBook laptop. Not only is this useful equipment for our organization, but also it shows that a local corporation supports our mission.

Matches made over soup

We would not have made this match with Eindhoven Airport were it not for the 22nd edition of "Brainport voor elkaar" dinner, which took place in November 2023. During these dinners, companies are connected with non-profit organizations to see how they can contribute in some way, through expertise sharing or donating equipment. So we would also like to thank the organizers of the dinner: DLL, NXP, Philips, Eindhoven municipality, and Samen voor Eindhoven.

Everyone wins

Everyone benefits when language and culture education is successful. Children grow up confidently, our region nurtures its diversity, and graduates enter the job market with multilingual skills and intercultural competence. Thus, when local corporations support heritage language education, they are also helping themselves -- to ensure a skilled and diverse workforce for the future!  

If you would like to donate to HLE Network, contact us or donate easily via our page.


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