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22nd "Brainport voor elkaar" dinner matches companies with HL educators

November 20, 2023

On the evening of Monday, November 20, three representatives from HLE Network were pleased to take part in the 22nd edition of "Brainport voor elkaar" dinner, at the restaurant of Piet Hein Eek. Partners responsible for organizing the dinner were DLL, NXP, Philips, Eindhoven municipality, and Samen voor Eindhoven

75-second presentation by the head of the Polish School of Eindhoven

How the dinner works

During the event, companies are connected with non-profit organizations to see how they can collaborate. The evening is designed to spark new insights and matches. First, 20 non-profit organizations present for 75 seconds each about who they are and what help they are requesting from companies. Then, there is a dinner during which concrete matches are made. The organizers currently require that participants are sufficiently fluent in Dutch in order to take part.

How companies can help

Companies can assist non-profit organizations by helping them attract new volunteers, expanding their network, offering expertise in the field of legal or financial support, helping solve marketing issues, or giving advice about HR. It is also possible for the non-profit organizations to request from companies items like laptops, cabinets, or other furnishing.

Which HL programs attended this time?

On November 22, HLE Network was represented, as well as two affiliated language programs: the Polish School of Eindhoven and the Russian Language Center "Buratino" Eindhoven. Additional heritage language programs were referred for an invitation, but space was ultimately made only for two. We are pleased that we were each able to make several matches with local companies and will make new posts as the promises made become reality!


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