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HLE Network newsletter surpasses 200 subscribers

October 26, 2022

Each week, a few more people subscribe to our newsletter. We are pleased to report that HLE Network recently surpassed 200 newsletter subscribers! We are happy to see that our newsletter is reaching more and more people, not only in the Netherlands, but also in other parts of Europe and beyond.


From month to month, our announcements include news from our local region of Eindhoven (sometimes in Dutch), but it also often includes information that is interesting for our international audience.

We are proud that 100% of respondents to our survey of HL programs in the Eindhoven region in 2021 said that they receive the HLE newsletter, and 100% of them read it. They gave the newsletter content an average rating of 4.2 out of 5.

We have been able to reach more people thanks to our new LinkedIn account, our partnerships with local groups such as Holland Expat Center South, our partnerships with international groups such as the Coalition of Community-Based Heritage Language Schools in the U.S., and our participation in the Forum of Heritage Language Coalitions in Europe.

We hope you will continue to follow us, no matter where you are!


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