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Hot topic: Multilingual libraries

November 13, 2022

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The Forum of Heritage Language Coalitions in Europe (FOHLC Europe) offers an opportunity for those involved with heritage language education – running programs otherwise known as mother tongue lessons or weekend schools – to come together to exchange ideas. The 2nd annual FOHLC Europe conference took place online on Friday, November 11, and Saturday, November 12, 2022, free of charge.


The theme of the 2022 conference was “Multilingual Children and Multilingual Libraries: Cultivating Reading Habits in the Heritage Language.” Over two days, attendees received practical tips and examples of how to get multilingual children motivated to read in the heritage language.


The conference program included structured networking opportunities designed for professionals in the field of HL education: teachers, coordinators, and volunteers at HL programs as well as for leaders of HL umbrella associations, coalitions, and networks. Parents, academics, or policy makers interested in the topic of HL education were also welcome.


Click here to view the program.


There were 170 registrations for the conference, from across the world.

Every one of the respondents to our conference feedback survey plans to implement the ideas shared during the event! Conference attendees expressed a lot of enthusiasm about the topic (multilingual libraries) and about our guest speakers.

Fantastisch georganiseerd. Ik heb heel veel geleerd en nieuwe ideeën opgedaan.

- Groep 3 leerkracht uit Nederland

Other feedback from conference attendees:

We learn a great deal from each other and are motivated by what others are doing.

HL teaching is such a unique topic and most teachers in regular schools don't understand this and it's good to be able to share experiences with other HL teachers who have this insight in what the problems and issues are.

It is difficult to share and find information about heritage language programs and progress. This helps solve the problem.

Please keep this going. I hope that more people will attend every year and that this initiative will keep growing. Thanks for all your effort in putting the conference together. Very exciting with Stephen Krashen as a speaker!

Many thanks to everyone who made this a fruitful and inviting event!



FOHLC Europe is a collaboration between several groups involved with heritage language (HL) education with the purpose of organizing an annual conference and other regular online gatherings for the teachers and managers of HL programs in Europe, as well as for the leaders of coalitions and networks of HL programs. The goal of is provide a European platform for the exchange of ideas about how to promote HL education, improve the quality and professionalism of HL education, and to map the situation of HL programs in Europe. FOHLC Europe offers professional development and networking opportunities to professionals in the field of HL education. FOHLC Europe 2022 was organized by M Móðurmál – the Association on Bilingualism, Heritage Language Education Network, Association pour la Promotion et l'Avancement du Multilinguisme - A.P.A.M (Multilingual Café), Association for the Promotion of Polish Language Abroad (APPLA), the Czech and Slovak School Okénko in London, and Agnieszka Pędrak, an independent researcher at Trinity College in Dublin. See or email for more information.


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