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HLE Network delivers keynote talk at Brainport networking meeting

May 25, 2023

HLE Network had the pleasure of presenting at a Brainport networking meeting in May for local, mainstream schools with a diverse student population. You can view here the LinkedIn post from Brainport about the networking meeting.

Brainport network of schools

Brainport Development has built up a network of mainstream schools with relatively many children from international backgrounds. Such a network is important in this region, which has an increasingly international character, and the network continues to grow. In principle, every municipality in Brainport is represented by at least one mainstream school in this network.

Introduction to HL education

Because the network represents the entire Brainport region, it was a wonderful opportunity for HLE Network to reach a wide range of mainstream schools by presenting at the third meeting of the Brainport network, which took place on Thursday, May 25, at De Rooi Pannen.

We presented information (in Dutch) about what heritage language education is and why it is important for multilingual children and society. We also explained which topics we are able to give presentations and workshops about for any school that is interested. The representatives of the schools who attended this talk now know where to access the directory of heritage language programs in the region, and they were advised to share this information with the parents of their multilingual students. We also promoted reading in the home language and of course Eindhoven Library's International Children's Book Collection.

Joining this Brainport school network

If you are a mainstream school in Brainport with relatively many students with an international background and you would like to attend these network meetings, you can send a message to Dennis Witsiers at


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