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Radio 4 Brainport interviews HLE Network at the Winter Market

December 10, 2022

Winter market

On a cold, wintery Saturday, HLE Network had a table alongside other cultural organizations in Eindhoven at the Cultural and Creative Winter Market, organized by International Creative Women and Holland Expat Center South. The event took place on Saturday, December 10, at Eindhoven's Evoluon. It was a festive afternoon full of artistic performances, free workshops, and fresh food.

Community building, public outreach

People from HLE Network's organizational team were able to catch up with several leaders of heritage language programs from our network. We also distributed flyers to the public about how to support multilingual children, including the flyer "9 Myths about Heritage Language Education," which is available in both English and Dutch.

On the radio

HLE Network's Vice-Chair Geert Simons was invited by Radio 4 Brainport to talk about the importance of enrolling multilingual children in mother tongue lessons. The woman who interviewed Geert was familiar with the topic because she sent her own children to the Romanian School in Eindhoven!

Please maintain your home language. It is very important. If we can help as a network, we are very happy to do so!

-Geert Simons

You can listen to the 4-minute interview here:

Thank you!

We extend a big thank you to International Creative Women, Holland Expat Center South, and Radio 4 Brainport for this opportunity to reach the public!


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