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A new look for our directory: search by language and region

March 8, 2023

An important task of HLE Network is to showcase the many heritage language (HL) programs that Eindhoven/Brainport has to offer. Since 2019, we have maintained a list of heritage language (HL) programs so that parents, mainstream schools, consultants, and other members of the community can easily find information about the educational programs available.

A new look

Our directory has a new look! It is now possible to search the directory by region and by language, making the list more user friendly. This is a function that will be useful as we expand to include more language programs from beyond Eindhoven/Brainport.

Library languages

Note that there is a separate but related list of groups on our page about the International Children's Book Collection (see "Participating language groups"), which might also be of interest to you.

Thank you!

As always, many thanks to the active language groups in Eindhoven and beyond, who give multilingual children a chance to develop their home language. We hope that this directory gives you added visibility and recognition in the important work that you do!


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